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final changes for 1.1.7

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1 parent ff21285 commit 1cbdaf5e2a5bb6c072b5fdd3453974b4fa0b92ee @cruppstahl cruppstahl committed Nov 3, 2010
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@@ -49,11 +49,15 @@ x when repeatedly requesting unused pages from the cache, and the calls always
x no, don't use the hinter; but rewrite the cache mechanism to get an
unused page
-o - errors
- o --data_access_mode=HAM_DAM_SEQUENTIAL_INSERT --keysize=680 --duplicate=1 ../../testfiles/1/190.tst
- o --data_access_mode=HAM_DAM_SEQUENTIAL_INSERT --keysize=680 --duplicate=1 ../../testfiles/1/194.tst
- o --data_access_mode=HAM_DAM_SEQUENTIAL_INSERT --pagesize=1024 --overwrite=1 --keysize=16 ../../testfiles/1/170.tst
- o --data_access_mode=HAM_DAM_SEQUENTIAL_INSERT --pagesize=1024 --overwrite=1 --keysize=16 ../../testfiles/1/ext_021.tst
+x - errors
+ x --data_access_mode=HAM_DAM_SEQUENTIAL_INSERT --keysize=680 --duplicate=1 ../../testfiles/1/190.tst
+ x --data_access_mode=HAM_DAM_SEQUENTIAL_INSERT --keysize=680 --duplicate=1 ../../testfiles/1/194.tst
+ x --data_access_mode=HAM_DAM_SEQUENTIAL_INSERT --pagesize=1024 --overwrite=1 --keysize=16 ../../testfiles/1/170.tst
+ x --data_access_mode=HAM_DAM_SEQUENTIAL_INSERT --pagesize=1024 --overwrite=1 --keysize=16 ../../testfiles/1/ext_021.tst
+x release 1.1.7
o what about a HAM_RMW flag for ham_insert - it will do a read/modify/write
operation if the record already exists; but how can we propagate a callback

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