MSVC toolset based ARM build environment for BeagleBoard-xM
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BeagleBoard / ARM development with MSVC toolset

My current ARM development environment includes an ARM Cortex-A8 / TI DM3730 
based BeagleBoard-xM and the Flyswatter2 JTAG Debugger. 

As part of my introduction to the environment, I modified the XLoader boot loader 
and developed a set of tools by borrowing from the Windows 8 DDK/SDK and 
Visual Studio C++ (MSVC) ARM compiler and assembler.  

Using this Microsoft ARM tool chain generates COFF based images rather than ELF as 
with the GNU toolchain.  To address COFF images, I also created a coff2bin tool to 
generate the loader image from the linked image.

My plan is to modify the loader to expose a KD interface so that debugging can be 
performed with WinDBG rather than GDB.

These efforts are really only intended to gain more low-level experience on the ARM 
hardware, while demonstrating how to configure the MSVC tool chain to generate the 
relevant Thumb-2 code.

This public GIT repo ( is a snapshot/shadow 
of the MSVC build environment that I’m using and a set of scripts to populate the 
tools directories based on installed DDK/SDK/MSVC tool chains.

See for more information.