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Command-line INIpay interface.
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inicli Support 'cancel' for credit card.


INICLI is a command-line INIpay interface. Speak it like 'ini-klie'.

INIpay is a SDK for payments integration that is provided by Inicis, a Korean online payments provider. However it only supports PHP and Java officially and unlikely to add support for other minor languages in the foreseeable future. So I created this handy command-line interface that can be executed from my Ruby on Rails project.

The purpose of INICLI is not only providing language-independent interface that is also easily be embedded in your new and existing applications, but to provide a clean and easy tutorial for developers who are having difficulties understanding and integrating INIpay50 into their projects which I believe are most of them. (Examples coming soon!)

INICLI now supports credit card only.


  • xNIX operating system. INICLI is tested on OS X 10.8 and Ubuntu 11.
  • PHP > 5.2 with mcrypt, openssl, xml, sockets, mbstring extensions enabled. inicli.php checks all the depencencies.
  • INIpay50 SDK which can be obtained from your business contact at Inicis.


$ git clone [repo] INICLI
$ mv ~/Download/INIpay50 vendor


$ `which php` /path/to/inicli --command=[chkfake|securepay|cancel] --mid=[your mid] --admin=[your key password] --params='[parameters in JSON format]'

To avoid copyright issues INICLI doesn't include INIpay50. You first have to copy INIpay50 under vendor directory as it is so you can find INILib.php under vendor/INIpay50/libs. Otherwise you need to modify source code to set INIFactory::$INIPAY_ROOT on your own.


  • Support for other payments methods such as bank transfer, mobile.
  • Support for INIpayMobile payment.
  • Ruby on Rails example code.
  • Better cli options such as supporting short code.


You are free to do whatever you want to. Feedback and contributions welcomed.

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