The fastest script to download all railscasts videos (free, pro & revised) in any media format
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The fastest tool to download ALL videos in any format.

Includes pro and revised videos.

Skips existing files.


This script requires the ability to run a Clojure file, which in turn depends on the Java run time.

Running a Clojure clj file

Download the latest Clojure jar file.

Alias clj to java -cp clojure-1.5.1.jar clojure.main

Run the clj file like this:

clj my-script.clj


Log into

Click the Manage Subscription link.

Copy the "RSS Feed" link.

Run the railscast-download.clj script from the command line:

clj railscast-download.clj -rss your-rss-link -type media-format

Where media-format is one of: mp4, m4v, webm or ogv

The default media format is mp4 - the -type argument can be left out in this case.