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POC32 Implementation Guide

Version : 1.0.19 Date : March, 1997 Platform : Win32 (Windows 95 or Windows NT/I386) Language : Microsoft Visual C++ V4.X and MFC extensions Description: POC32 is a POCSAG protocol en-/decoder software

Welcome to the wonderful world of Microsoft's idea of C++.

POC32 is developed using the MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes), which make your programs look like an original microsoft application.

Class Overview:

CAboutDlg Standard about dialog. CBigIcon Splash screen big-icon creator. CDecoder Property page containing all decoder settings. CEncoder Property page containing all encoder settings. CHardware Property page containing all hardware settings. CLicense Startup screen displaying license agreement. CMainFrame Handles all major messages from the system and MFC framework. CMsg Class containing a message structure. All messages are stored in a MFC CArray. CPeristentFrame Taken from 'InsideVisual C++' to store window size and position in profile or registry. CPex32App Standard main MFC application frame. CPex32View Contains all major window message handlers and provides a list view in report style with all standard functions (including sorting, finding and printing all entries). CPocInterface All basic POCSAG en-/decoder functions. This class controls the POC.VXD and is able using any WavIn Device for decoding. Minor modifications would be neccessary changing it into a DLL. CSet Sets up the main property page. All usersettings are stored here or in embedded classes. CSplashWnd Standard splash screen class. CStatistic Property page displaying current decoder statistics. CTipDlg Standard tip of day dialog. CTxDialog Transmit POCSAG-packet-dialog. pocsag_rx Structure saving all important decoder states. For every channel and bitrate an instance of this structure exists.


POCSAG Decoder for Windows




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