A new object-graph-wrapper for the Tinkerpop 3 graph stack.
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Peapod for TinkerPop 3

The project's name refers to the java class encapsulation of graph vertices.
It's a just like peapods wrapping peas.

An object-graph wrapper (OGW) for the TinkerPop 3 graph stack. This project has been created as an alternative to the Frames module in TinkerPop 2.

Complete documentation can be found here.

This project is similar to the Totorom library created by Bryn Cook and the Ferma library created by Jeffrey Phillips Freeman. The main differences are:

  • Peapod is based upon TinkerPop 3 (Totorom and Ferma will support TinkerPop 3 in their next versions).
  • Like TinkerPop 2 Frames, Peapod uses code generation to implement the framed vertex and edge classes. Unlike Frames and Ferma, the code is generated at compile-time using annotation processors. The generated java source code is completely transparent. There is no code generation at runtime, so no additional startup cost, and the use of reflection is limited in order to have minimal performance overhead.
  • In a next iteration, the goal is to generate traversal classes based on your graph topology.

To integrate peapod in your project, include the following dependency.
(Disclaimer: The 0.3.2 version is still an experimental release using Apache TinkerPop 3.2.1).


This way you define the framed vertices and edges:

public abstract class Person {
  public abstract String getName();
  public abstract void setName(String name);

  public abstract List<Knows> getKnows();
  public abstract Knows getKnows(Person person);
  public abstract Knows addKnows(Person person);
  public abstract Knows removeKnows(Person person);

public abstract class Knows {
  public abstract void setYears(int years);
  public abstract int getYears();

And this way you query for and interact with the framed objects:

public void testClassic() {
    Graph g = TinkerFactory.createClassic();
    FramedGraph graph = new FramedGraph(g, Person.class.getPackage());

    Person marko = graph.v(1, Person.class);
    assertEquals("marko", marko.getName());

    Person vadas = graph.v(2, Person.class);
    Person josh = graph.v(4, Person.class);

    List<Person> result = graph.V(Person.class).has("name", "josh").toList();
    assertThat(result, contains(josh));

    assertThat(marko.getKnows(), containsInAnyOrder(vadas, josh));

This project uses code derived from the TinkerPop project under the Apache license and/or TinkerPop license.