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Purple CMS

Purple CMS

Content Management System Base on CakePHP 3

Indonesian version

Read Full Documentaion

Introducing Purple CMS API v1

This API is used for external application like mobile app. Not all action in Purple CMS web based available in this API, some action can only be done from web based.

API Documentation

About Purple CMS

Purple CMS is a Content Management System built with the CakePHP 3 framework. The goal is to make it easier for developers to create a website, either simple or complex.

New Feature

Purple CMS can now be a Headless CMS for front-end frameworks like Nextjs. Create and manage content in Purple CMS, fetch the data to the front-end framework via the Purple CMS API.

Demo with Nextjs


  • Easy Setup, setup Purple CMS only in 3 steps.
  • Block Editor, a live html editor that can be edited live directly from the CMS.
  • Visitors Statistics, displaying website visitor data in a user-friendly display.
  • Themes, easy to integrate with Bootstrap 4 templates, and can create custom blocks that can be used in the Block Editor!
  • Notification, send notification to email if there is notification, even if installed on localhost (must be connected to internet).
  • Customizable, can add features according to developer needs.


Download zip from this repo or clone

$ git clone

After that, install dependencies with composer, it is mandatory to use composer, because composer will install all dependencies automatically. If you don't have composer, download it here

$ composer install

If the installation process went smoothly, please enter the Purple CMS setup page


Note, folder-name is the folder where you installed Purple CMS, adjust it to your folder name.


Setup Purple CMS in 3 steps :

  • Database, fill in the database name, user, and password to connect to the database. Database must be created first, with collation utf8mb4_general_ci.
  • Administrative, fill in the Site Name, and your data to create an administrator user.
  • Finishing Setup, complete the setup by pressing the Start Purple button. If you are connected to the internet, you will receive an email with Sign In data to the Purple page.

Sign In to Purple

To enter the Purple CMS administrator page, please open the page :


Use the username and password you created in the administrative setup section to sign in.

Deploy to Production

To move Purple CMS to production or to the server, you can use the installation process written above, or by creating a .zip archive of Purple CMS installed on localhost, then uploading it to the production server. Things to make sure after moving Purple CMS to production server are :

  • Change the debug mode to false on file config/app.php
  • Clear cache with terminal/cmd, go to Purple CMS installation folder, type bin/cake cache clear_all