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D2 SQLite bindings and OO interface
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Only two files:
* sqlite3_bindings.d - binding for most recent version of SQLite (now it's
* sqlite3.d - OO wrapper

I plan to support bindings for next versions of SQLite. Currently
bindings are mostly untested - only functions needed for OO wrapper was tested and used at all.

OO wrapper supports all basic operations - database open, change content, select values.

I implemented prepare/bind interface, please use it - it is handy and protects from
SQL errors and attacks.

Currently very small subset of SQLite3 features used - I just do not know what is
really needed and what is not. Over time I plan to add other fetures that I (or other people)
will need.

And if you think that something must be done differently - don't hesitate - fork,
edit and send pull requests :-)

Binding is distributed as Public Domain.
Wrapper is under Boost License 1.0
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