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DISCLAIMER - The links in this set are all from publicly available sources.
DO NOT access feeds you dont have authorization to connect to.

OSINT webcam mapping project

How many public webcams do you know about in your state?

In South Carolina I have gathered over 500 publicly available video feeds.

My intention for this project is to gather video feeds in all 50 states and aggregate them into a searchable interactive directory.

The first phase of this project will be to gather video feeds. The bulk of my South Carolina links come from Department of Transportation traffic feeds as well as google site searches of insecam.org by state and then travel and tourism websites containing open webcams.

Please feel free to contribute to the South Carolina cam set or start filling out the rest of States.

If you wish to contribute you can do so here on Github, or just send me resources to help fill out the project email baywolf88@protonmail.com twitter @baywolf88