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App Sales Machine is a Google App Engine application which does the following:

  1. Imports a tarball of your existing sales reports and stores them in the datastore.
  2. Logs into iTunes Connect every morning, downloads your latest sales report and stores it in the datastore.
  3. Parses the downloaded report and stores the parsed data in the datastore (breakdown by country and currency).
  4. Converts the reported income revenue of your sales to a configurable currency and stores that.
  5. Pulls the rankings for your app every 8 hours (configurable) and stores that in the datastore.
  6. Emails a report to a select group of recipients every morning with the latest cumulative figures, as well as the last downloaded report's figures.
  7. Emails the administrator if a report could not be downloaded from iTunes Connect.
  8. Allows you to view a HTML report of your current figures at any time.
  9. Allows you to download a CSV report of your current figures at any time.

For more information and instructions on how to install App Sales Machine see this blog post.