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import os
import datetime
APP_ROOT_DIR = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__))
# Company name appears on the admin page
"company_name": "<<My iPhone Company>>",
# Currency you would like your daily income revenue figures to be converted to
"base_currency": "AUD",
# This must be the email address of a registered administrator for the application due to mail API restrictions
"admin_email_address": "My Name <>",
# Don't change these
"template_path": APP_ROOT_DIR + '/templates/',
"upload_form_name": "file_upload",
# Your iTunes Connect credentials for the cron job to log in and download your reports daily
# You can specify more than 1 account
"<< Arbitrary account name >>": {
"itunesconnect_username": "<<username>>",
"itunesconnect_password": "<<password>>",
# SKU of the app when you uploaded it to the App Store
"<<SKU>>": {
# Human-readable app name which corresponds to the above SKU
"name": "<<app name>>",
# App ID (can be found from the GET param of your iTunes URL i.e. ?id=xxxxxxxxx)
"app_id": "<<app id>>",
# Make sure your category name and corresponding ID exists in jobs/
"category_name": "<<category name>>",
# Is your app free?
"paid": False,
# Is your app for iPhone or iPad?
"iPad": False,
# List of dictionaries which represent the human-readable version number and the date the version was released on the App Store
"versions": [{'name': 'v1.0', 'date':, 6, 22)},
{'name': 'v1.1', 'date':, 7, 18)}],
# List of email addresses you would like the daily reports sent to
"to_addresses": [
'Recipient Name <>',