Template for creating new Compojure projects intended to live on App Engine
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  • Blank slate for starting a new Compojure project on Google App Engine.
  • I couldn't get any of the other templates to work properly without excessive fiddling, so here is my version.
  • You must edit the build.xml file to specify the location of several dependancies.
  • Also be aware that currently Compojure does not work out of the box on GAE. You must remove references to src/compojure/http/multipart.clj from src/compojure/http.clj and src/compojure.clj because it depends on org.apache.commons.fileupload which calls java.rmi.server.UID - restricted in the GAE sandbox environment.
  • Tested with GAE 1.3.1 SDK and Compojure 0.3.2 (modified with references to multipart removed).
  • Once build.xml points to the correct paths of Compojure and GAE dependancies, run ant devserver to compile and launch the GAE dev server to test.
  • GAE code from this great HWA blog post: http://www.hackers-with-attitude.com/2009/08/intertactive-programming-with-clojure.html