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Creating the Virtualbox VM

The Ubuntu 14.04 Virtualbox VM for the CTF contest is created via Packer. The scripts used in the creation process were developed for OS X, though should run on other distributions - or at least only require minor changes. Anyone can use the VM once it has been created, provided that they have Virtualbox installed.

Installation Requirements

Run the Installation Script

Run the installation script to install a recent version of Packer.


Configure the Creation Process

The open config/ and edit it to set:

  • Name and password for the admin user.
  • Name and password for the CTF contestant user.

The admin user password must be changed if the intent is to create a useful contest exercise, rather than a collaborative or teaching event. That password should not be available to the contestants.

Run the Creation Script

Next run the creation script. This will take a little while, and the Virtualbox UI will be visible during the process. It can be left to run on its own until it completes:


Export the VM

Lastly run the export script:


The packaged VM archive file will be placed in the dist folder.

Distributing the VM

To distribute the VM, upload it to a file sharing service such as Box, or to an accessible location on AWS S3. Send an email to the contestants to provide each of them with: