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Here we go, a 10C Markdown primer!


Most of this is 'standard' Markdown formatting. It's designed to look OK even if not actually displayed as e.g. italic or bold.

Text formatting:

Leave a blank line in between paragraphs, the text will run together otherwise.



***italic bold***

--- (horizontal line)


# Heading 1

Heading 1

## Heading 2

Heading 2

### Heading 3

Heading 3



Numbered lists:

1. One.
1. Two.
1. Three.

  1. One.
  2. Two.
  3. Three.

Un-numbered list items:

* List item.
* Another.
* More!

  • List item.
  • Another.
  • More!

Quite tricky at first:

They're only tricky until the format sticks in memory!


[Link descriptive text: this is 10C](https://10centuries.org/)

Link descriptive text: this is 10C


Link and image codes work almost identically, the exclamation mark differentiates the link to the image which is rendered on the page, from a link to a page or file.

![Link descriptive text for a picture](http://bazbt3.github.io/images/blog_post_workflow.jpg)

Link descriptive text for a picture

Image with clickable link to a page (nested Markdown):



(Note that the page URL can be replaced with a link to the image to open in a new browser tab.)

Special to 10C:

[1. Footnote text]
Note, footnotes don't render outside of 10Centuries, there isn't official support in 'standard' Markdown for them.

Here's a fabricated sample:

The 'code':
The quick brown fox[1. Bushy-tailed too!] jumps over the lazy dog.

The output:
The quick brown fox¹ jumps over the lazy dog.

  1. Bushy-tailed too!

I should really create a page at 10C for this.

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