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A list of 10Centuries social network apps and integrations.

This wiki is currently simply a list of apps and integrations. The page may disappear as others' more polished efforts arise; I'm anticipating it'll happen quickly too.

And here it is, likely to have public editing too (no GitHub login required, unlike mine.)

** **

If you want me to add or correct or edit something here, to help edit, or even to take and improve the data, just ask me. I can be reached at 10C, or here via Issues or the Gitter chat service.

The list, v0.003 alpha:

Name By What it does Link
Admin. interface @matigo 'Official' general-purpose 'dashboard
Cappuccino @matigo 'Official' chat web interface
Blurby Bot @thrrgilag Pushover notifications
Blurby Bot @thrrgilag Telegram messaging
Cat Chat @tomas 10C/ADN/pnut timeline display
Macchiato @jws iOS app
Macchiato dev @jws Project
Ristretto @thedan84 iOS app
@hybotics Python code
@jussipekonen Python & Android apps
Yawp! @schiffey iOS app Installed via Crashlytics
10Cbazbt3 @bazbt3 Python 3 proof-of-concept application
10C Posting @alexk iOS Workflow to post & link-share to 10C
10C & Workflows @phoneboy iOS Workflows to post to both 10C and

Please note that some are created for personal use only and have limited scope (e.g. authentication methods or the interface may require polish before release.)


The table uses GitHub Markdown, not too dissimilar to the regular variant. Regular spacing is unnecessary, provided that there are at least 3 dashes in each column.

Unfamiliar with editing Wiki? Here's help with GitHub's variant.

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