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What was was a social network. It started up in mid-August 2012 and ceased operating at 2017-03-17-06:45UTC. The strengths of that network, however small individually, are being built on by its ex-users. What follows is intended to provide a snapshot of what was. For the dynamic updates on the successor networks, see the wikis mentioned below.

Links to my wikis for its successors:

  • Wiki - a complete social and media site for those who like integrations without fragmentation.
  • Wiki - The spiritual successor to
  • Other services will emerge in the fullness of time, e.g.

Other useful links: event and achievement hashtags:

Original ADN Wiki Material

Links in this material are likely to no longer be functioning.

Some data taken from a 2014 version of the Wiki saved at the Internet Archive. - thanks especially go to @kdfrawg for hosting the original.
Some data taken from a 2015-07 version of the Wiki which @charl archived.