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What is pnut.io?

https://pnut.io is a social network created by @33MHz, one which borrows heavily from the nuts-and-bolts design of the now-defunct App.net (Wikipedia) social network. [[https://github.com/bazbt3/pnut_io_stuff/blob/master/images/pnut_logo_brainseller.png

For more, see the FAQ - a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

At the time of writing this network is in open beta and requires an invitation before signing up.


It's inevitable that comparisons to App.net will be made due to both the evolution of the basic infrastructure and the migration of users from the previous network. However, App.net ceased operating at 2017-03-17T06:45Z.

For a perhaps more detailed historic perspective, there's my App.net Wiki.

The strengths of that network, however small individually, are being built on at pnut.io; for example a willingness to engage with others of different beliefs, points of view; and the more sociable such as…


Social (external links):

Apps, developers:


  • The lists above are intended to be dynamic, unlike those at the App.net Wiki.
  • Some data taken from a 2014 version of the App.net Wiki saved at the Internet Archive. - thanks especially go to @kdfrawg for hosting the original.
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