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A hashtag listing

Being a very sociable social network,'s predecessor generated a number of groups spanning many interests. Here are just a few of the regular things with potential to be carried forward; sorted by day and listed with hashtag, activity instigator, and a brief description. Any active, clickable links are to the live listing, whereas italic entries are not yet active.

This document is not simply intended to provide a record of what once existed at, a social network closed during early 2017. For that see a static Wiki. This wiki's documents are intended to be updated, shaped by popular demand.

Weekly events:


  • #MondayNightDanceParty, abbreviated to #MNDP (live hashtag) (@jdscolam) - request your favourite music.


  • #TuesdayChallenge (@isaacjw) - create themed art.


  • #WednesdayChallenge (page) abbreviated to #WedC (live hashtag) (created by @nitinkhanna, maintained by @bazbt3) - write a themed 1-post story; 256 or fewer characters. A complementary German-language hashtag has been proposed, the #MittwochsChallenge #MitC, though its use isn't widespread just yet.


  • #GameFriday (@sham) - get your game face on!
  • #WorkChat (@pamdavis, now @pamela) - get or give tips that help you work smarter.


  • #QuoteSunday (created by @zephyr, 'popularised' by @bazbt3) - post a quote that sums up what you're thinking.

Monthly events:

Every 15th day of the month

  • #BookClub (by ??) - read and discuss a book together.

Every second Monday of the month


  • Events occur weekly unless otherwise stated, however some challenges can run for the entire week. Internet users in general live in many different timezones, so some events start as soon as the day begins in the east and terminate when the day ends in the west. It's important to note that no-one will hit you with a big stick for being early or late.
  • This page starts the week on a Monday simply to conform to ISO 8601.
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