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FAQ (frequently asked questions):


  • Who is behind (or in front of) @33MHz (aka Robert.)
  • Who are all the others I see in my timeline? Ask, read bios, get involved.


  • Are there rigid etiquette rules? No, not really. Not at all in fact. If you see a conversation just jump in; simply put, don't shout at others.
  • Is it ok if I… Almost certainly if you're civilized about it.



  • When did start up? Mid-September 2016.

  • When and what was the first post? 10 September 2016 21:14pm, by @33MHz:

    So, West Virginia--my birth state--they changed the slogan on the interstate signs to "Open for business" for a while.

  • How many users are there? From its humble beginnings and despite a lack of the usual unsustainable frenzy around new networks, 400 was passed on 2017-03-19 and should hit 500 during April.


  • How do I search for things? It's now setup in the API. You can do a search with every client supporting it.
  • How do I find hashtags, RSS feeds for them? (From the Pnut updates page) Basic view of tags at{tag} and RSS for them at{tag}


  • Where are the apps? You scrolled past the list on the way down here.
  • No, really, where are the apps?! Please look at the official list and the User-Powered Developer Incentive Programme.
  • I've seen beta apps mentioned; how do I get one? Ask the developer, who will (at least via iOS) ask you to send a personal message or email with your email address attached. You'll need to install Apple's TestFlight (UK store.) app to run the app. Other developers and other OS' may have different ways of installing beta apps.


  • Never mind that techy stuff; I've chatted, participated in challenges, bought apps, so where is my t-shirt‽ Ask @blumenkraft, though you probably missed the unofficial first, utterly exclusive designs!
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