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The Bazwich

(A sandwich not for the masses.)


Heavily UK-biased: (with rest-of-the-world explanations parenthesised):

  • White bread, preferably Warburton's medium sliced;
  • Butter, or equivalent low-calorie spread;
  • Peanut butter, crunchy;
  • Jam (US: jelly): strawberry, damson, bramble jelly, etc.;
  • Cheddar cheese;
  • Kit-Kat (chocolate coated wafer biscuit);
  • Marmite (yeast spread, better than Vegemite);
  • Tinned ham, the firm stuff, not too-heavily processed.
  • The more adventurous soul may wish to add lazy garlic, but thinly.


  1. Spread the spreadable stuff on alternating slices of bread,
  2. Place the non-spreadable stuff on one slice and cover with the other,
  3. Slice in half... side- or length-ways, or even diagonally if you're so inclined,
  4. Place on a plate with potato crisps (US: chips),
  5. Er...
  6. Eat!

Have you booked your place at the local A&E (US: ER)?

�[Basic recipe is decades-old, reposted here from Google+ for posterity.]