@damienmg damienmg released this Jan 21, 2016 · 13524 commits to master since this release

Release 0.1.4 (2016-01-15)

Baseline: e933d5e

  • 3d796fe: Rollback of commit
  • 7a02e5d: Fix installer under OS X
  • 848740c: Fix bazel version for debian package
  • 7751d43: Add a method for getting the root of a rule workspace
    to the Label method

Important changes:

  • add loadfiles() query operator, to find skylark files loaded by
  • Added ability to declare and use aspects in Skylark.
  • Skylark load statements may now reference .bzl files via build
    labels, in addition to paths. In particular, such labels can be
    used to reference Skylark files in external repositories; e.g.,
    load("@my_external_repo//some_pkg:some_file.bzl", ...).
    Path-based loads are now deprecated and may be disabled in the
    future. Caveats: Skylark files currently do not respect package
    visibility; i.e., all Skylark files are effectively public. Also,
    loads may not reference the special //external package.
  • Relative paths can now be used for 'path' with
    new_local_repository and local_repository.