@bazel-io bazel-io released this Dec 19, 2018 · 582 commits to master since this release

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Release 0.21.0 (2018-12-19)

Baseline: cb9b2af

Cherry picks:

  • 12b9646:
    Windows, test wrapper: rename the associated flag
  • 7fc967c:
    Use a fixed thread pool in ByteStreamBuildEventArtifactUploader
  • 798b9a9:
    Add --build_event_upload_max_threads option
  • dbe05df:
    Update the version of skylib bundled in the distfile

Release notes:

Notice: Bazel installers contain binaries licensed under the GPLv2 with
Classpath exception. Those installers should always be redistributed along with
the source code.

Some versions of Bazel contain a bundled version of OpenJDK. The license of the
bundled OpenJDK and other open-source components can be displayed by running
the command bazel license. The vendor and version information of the bundled
OpenJDK can be displayed by running the command bazel info java-runtime.
The binaries and source-code of the bundled OpenJDK can be
downloaded from our mirror server.

Security: All our binaries are signed with our
public key 48457EE0.