@bazel-io bazel-io released this Nov 2, 2016 · 10717 commits to master since this release

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Release 0.4.0 (2016-10-26)

Baseline: 088bbc6

Cherry picks:

  • b01160c: Stamp Windows release.
  • 2d6736e: Add --no-tty for gpg signing
  • 9b1dfb8: Remove .sig file before gpg signing
  • 81aede1: Reimplement whole archive on Windows

Incompatible changes:

  • Skylark: updating list/dicts while they are being looped over is not
    allowed. Use an explicit copy if needed ("for x in list(mylist):").
  • Bazel now uses the --cpu flag to look up Jvms; it falls back
    to "default" if it can't find a Jvm matching the CPU value.
  • --command_port=-1 to use AF_UNIX for client/server communications
    is not supported anymore.
  • Sandboxed actions can access the network by default, unless their
    target has a "block-network" tag.

New features:

  • Files now have an "extension" property in Skylark.

Important changes:

  • Added a new flag --sandbox_tmpfs_path, which asks the sandbox to
    mount an empty, writable directory at a specified path when
    running actions. (Supported on Linux only for now.)
  • Update protoc-3.0.0-mingw.exe to a working (statically linked)
  • apple_static_library rule to create multi-architecture static
    archive files from Objc/C++/Swift dependencies on apple platforms
  • JS: Add support for localization with closure managed rules.
  • Create a flag --android_dynamic_mode to turn off dynamic mode
    during the Android split transition.
  • Darwin sandboxing is default.
  • Remove flag --experimental_zip_tree_artifact from j2objc Java
    annotation processing support.
  • A few functions are added to BUILD files for consistency (hash,
    hasattr, getattr) with .bzl files, although they are not very
  • --watchfs is now a command option; the startup option of the same
    name is deprecated. I.e., use bazel build --watchfs, not
    blaze --watchfs

Notice: Bazel installers contain binaries licensed under the GPLv2 with
Classpath exception. Those installers should always be redistributed along with
the source code.

Security: All our binaries are signed with our
public key.