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Mention that builds with an explicit Xcode version might run on slowe…

…r machines.
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philwo committed Apr 15, 2019
1 parent 5f5d3cb commit 23b251002c3af98eecb34d73c236ab7072686a08
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@@ -257,6 +257,8 @@ We upgrade the CI machines to the latest version of Xcode shortly after it is re
version will then be used as the default Xcode version. If required, you can specify a fixed Xcode
version to test against in your pipeline config.

**Warning**: We might have to run jobs that specify an explicit Xcode version on separate, slower machines, so we really advise you to not use this feature unless necessary.

The general policy is to *not* specify a fixed Xcode version number, so that we can update the
default version more easily and don't have to update every single CI configuration file out there.

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