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"""Example of a rule that accesses its attributes."""
def _impl(ctx):
# Print debug information about the target.
print("Target {} has {} deps".format(ctx.label, len(ctx.attr.deps)))
# For each target in deps, print its label and files.
for i, d in enumerate(ctx.attr.deps):
print(" {}. label = {}".format(i + 1, d.label))
# A label can represent any number of files (possibly 0).
print(" files = " + str([f.path for f in d.files.to_list()]))
# For debugging, consider using `dir` to explore the existing fields.
print(dir(ctx)) # prints all the fields and methods of ctx
print(dir(ctx.attr)) # prints all the attributes of the rule
printer = rule(
implementation = _impl,
attrs = {
# Do not declare "name": It is added automatically.
"number": = 1),
"deps": attr.label_list(allow_files = True),