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"""Execute a shell command.
While convenient, Shell commands should be used carefully. Generating the
command-line can lead to escaping and injection issues. It can also create
portability problems. It is often better to declare a binary target in a
BUILD file and execute it.
def _impl(ctx):
output = ctx.outputs.out
input = ctx.file.file
# The command may only access files declared in inputs.
inputs = [input],
outputs = [output],
progress_message = "Getting size of %s" % input.short_path,
command = "stat -L -c%%s '%s' > '%s'" % (input.path, output.path),
size = rule(
implementation = _impl,
attrs = {"file": attr.label(mandatory = True, allow_single_file = True)},
outputs = {"out": "%{name}.size"},