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Remove deprecated --batch flag #1617

merged 1 commit into from Jul 31, 2018


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ash2k commented Jul 31, 2018

--batch is deprecated. This PR removes usages of it. Currently Travis prints:

WARNING: --batch mode is deprecated. Please instead explicitly shut down your Bazel server using the command "bazel shutdown".

e.g. see this build

@ash2k ash2k requested review from ianthehat and jayconrod as code owners Jul 31, 2018

@googlebot googlebot added the cla: yes label Jul 31, 2018



@jayconrod jayconrod merged commit 95d2c36 into bazelbuild:master Jul 31, 2018

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@ash2k ash2k deleted the atlassian:batch_is_deprecated branch Aug 1, 2018

jayconrod added a commit that referenced this pull request Aug 22, 2018

Merge branch 'master' into feature/check (#1679)
* Move legacy reproducibility test to new setup (#1585)

* Move legacy reproducibility test to new setup

Also included:
1. Adds an LLVM toolchain to the WORKSPACE file that can be used to
manually test changes against clang on linux.
2. Adds os.PathSeparator to stripped absolute paths to be consistent
with stripping being done everywhere else.
3. Adds a test to check the string "bazel-sandbox" in the binary.
4. Uses the cgo binary instead of a pure binary to check for
reproducibility in the go_test.
5. Tags the target "collect_digests" as manual.

To see how binaries are not reproducible with clang and `-g`, use
bazel test --copt=-g --crosstool_top=@llvm_toolchain//:toolchain \

* remove manual tag from reproducibility test

* Do not use debug mode for reproducibility test.

* Update bazel-toolchain to auto detect OS version

* Add a primitive benchmark (#1599)

bazel_benchmark checks out rules_go to a temporary directory, creates
a temporary workspace, measures the time it takes to build various
targets, then appends the times to a .csv file.

This will probably be much more sophisticated in the future, but it's
good to have something basic now.

* go/tools/bazel_benchmark: extract some logic into bash script (#1601) is now responsible for cloning rules_go at master
into a temp directory. This script can be copied to a bin directory
and run with a timer. The rest of the bazel_benchmark.go logic will
run at the tip of master.

Also: record Bazel version in the output file.

* Set Bazel version tested in Travis CI to 0.15.0 (#1604)

* Speed up downloading of @go_googleapis by using http_archive. (#1603)

The googleapis repository seems to be of such a size that it takes a
long time to clone on a link with lower bandwidth. So long, in fact,
that it causes timeouts in my case.

* Use add_all(), add_joined() instead of deprecated functionality of add() (#1602)

* Change crosstool dependency to @bazel_tools//tools/cpp:current_cc_toolchain (#1605)

//tools/defaults is a special case which is being removed in Bazel.

* Add go_sdk rule and GoSDK provider (#1606)

go_sdk is a new rule that gathers information about an SDK and returns
a GoSDK provider which will get wired into the toolchain.

package_list is a new rule that generates a list of importable
packages from the sources in the SDK (previously, we invoked go list,
which is slower).

* Wire go_sdk and go_toolchain together (#1607)

* go_toolchain has a new mandatory attribute, "sdk", which be
  something that provides GoSDK.
* go_host_sdk, go_local_sdk, and go_download_sdk are now macros that
  wrap the old rules. Each rule declares toolchains in its BUILD.bazel
  file that work on the host architecture. The macro calls
  register_toolchains with these.
* go_register_toolchains no longer calls register_toolchains, but it
  will an SDK rule if "go_sdk" isn't defined. This is a step toward
  allowing multiple SDKs to support multiple execution platforms.
* Action inputs are narrowed to use and go.stdlib.libs
  rather than larger sets of files.

* stdlib now uses precompiled libraries if the mode is compatible (#1608)

* Remove deprecated --batch flag (#1617)

* Add go_wrap_sdk rule (#1618)

go_wrap_sdk allows you to configure a Go SDK that was downloaded or
located with another repository rule.

Related #1611

* Optimize args and inputs construction (#1610)

* Use add_all() to lazily construct args

* add_joined() omits the argument if value is an empty list

* Optimize compile

* Optimize cover

* Simplify tags argument construction

* Use any() instead of a dict

* Undo depset() usage

* Statically link tool binaries (#1615)

* A few arguments construction cleanups (#1621)

* Update toolchain and provider documentation [skip ci] (#1622)

* Document race, msan and other attributes for go_binary, go_test [skip ci] (#1624)

* Create .bazelrc (#1626)

* Create .bazelrc

See bazelbuild/bazel#5756 (comment)

* Update .bazelrc

* Remove explicit Label() construction (#1627)

attr.label() converts strings into labels by itself.

* Make go_sdk's package_list optional (#1625)

This will eventually be removed when old versions of Gazelle are no
longer supported and nothing depends on the file by name.

If not provided as an input, go_sdk will generate the file itself.

* Update deprecated single_file -> allow_single_file attribute (#1628)

Also remove allow_files where it conflicts with allow_single_file (not
Also remove both allow_files and allow_single_file in private attributes
where executable is set to True (a file cannot be specified anyway -
private attribute).

* Document how to avoid proto conflicts [skip ci] (#1631)

Fixes #1548

* Set RULES_GO_VERSION to 0.14.0 (#1633)

* Propagate mode aspect on "_coverdata" edges (#1632)

* Propagate mode aspect on "_coverdata" edges

This ensures the coverdata library is built in the same mode as the
binary that depends on it.

Fixes #1630

* set pure = "on" on test to make CI happy

* Update dependencies (#1634)

bazel_gazelle to master as of 2018-08-06
com_google_protobuf to v3.6.1
com_github_goog_protobuf to v1.1.1
org_golang_x_net to master as of 2018-08-06
org_golang_google_grpc to v1.14.0
org_golang_google_genproto to master as of 2018-08-06
go_googleapis to master as of 2018-08-06
com_github_kevinburke_go_bindata to v3.11.0
org_golang_x_tools to master as of 2018-08-07

* Announce release 0.14.0 [skip ci] (#1636)

Also, fix gazelle example to use prefix directive instead of

* Add CI config to test on RBE. (#1638)

* Add CI config to test on RBE.


This is set by default in the rbe_ubuntu1604 platform, but tests in this
repo need this to be disabled.

* Skip tests that are not RBE compatible.

* Use latest release version of bazel-toolchains repo. (#1639)

* Declare org_golang_x_sys in go_rules_dependencies (#1649)

The newest version of gRPC depends on @org_golang_x_sys. Since we
provide other gRPC dependencies, we should declare this one as well.

Fixes #1648

* Document how to override go_rules_dependencies [skip ci] (#1650)

Related #1649

* Update minimum version of Bazel for Travis CI to 0.16.0 (#1651)

Also, remove logic in .travis.yml for downloading Bazel at HEAD. We're
not doing that anymore.

* Actions that use go.args may now use param files automatically (#1652)

Multiple param files are now supported as well.

* Split go.args into go.builder_args and go.tool_args (#1653)

Both helpers enable multiline files. Any action using either of these
helpers should support them. Other actions may use go.actions.args.

go.builder_args adds default arguments that builders should be able to
interpret, including -sdk and -tags.

go.args is deprecated.

* Use -importcfg files for compiling and linking (#1654)

The Go toolchain has supported importcfg files since 1.9. These files
give the build system finer control over dependencies using importmap
and packagefile declarations. Using these files allows us to abandon
-I and -L flags, which will help us stay under command line length

Fixes #1637

* Update genproto dependencies (#1657)

* update org_golang_google_genproto

* update go_googleapis

* Add test generates long compile/link command lines (#1655)

Related #1637

* Remove 'cfg = "data"' from all attributes (#1658)

The "data" configuration has been deprecated for a while and has no

* Remove gazelle and its deps from go_rules_dependencies (#1659)

go_rules_dependencies no longer declares the following repositories:

* bazel_gazelle
* com_github_bazelbuild_buildtools
* com_github_pelletier_go_toml

The "gazelle" rule is removed from //go:def.bzl. It has been
deprecated for some time, and "gazelle fix" replaces it.

* Windows: Use absolute and shortened path for GOROOT environment variable (#1647)

* Update tests ahead of Go 1.11 (#1661)

A test in the old version of org_golang_x_crypto we were testing fails
with Go 1.11. This is fixed in newer versions.

* Remove uses of deprecated dictionary concatenation (#1663)

This removes the need for --incompatible_disallow_dict_plus

* Force absolute paths in builders (#1664)

* Update org_golang_x_tools to master as of 2018-08-15 (#1662)

* Set RULES_GO_VERSION to 0.15.0 (#1665)

* Announce release 0.15.0 [skip ci] (#1666)

* one character fix to README boilerplate [skip ci] (#1667)

* doc: fix grammatical error (#1671)
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