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Java rules for Bazel
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Copybara-Service Merge pull request #6 from iirina:new-configs
PiperOrigin-RevId: 256669711
Change-Id: Ia3510e6218ad0dce4bcb7addec558f32ea1e2604
Latest commit 981f06c Jul 5, 2019
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.bazelci Add presubmit.yml for rules_java. Jun 11, 2019
java Add missing contraint values. Jul 5, 2019
.gitignore Ignore jekyll build output. Jul 2, 2019
BUILD Internal change May 31, 2019
CODEOWNERS Add Github CODEOWNERS for rules_java. Jun 12, 2019 Internal change May 31, 2019
LICENSE Internal change May 31, 2019 Testing copybara Jun 11, 2019
WORKSPACE Add rules_java/WORKSPACE file. Jun 12, 2019

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