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seqdiag {
// seqdiag -T svg -o doc/mount-osx.svg doc/mount-osx.seq
fuse [label=""];
app -> fuse [label="Mount"];
fuse -> fusermount [label="spawn, pass socketpair fd"];
fusermount -> kernel [label="open /dev/fuse"];
fusermount -> kernel [label="mount(2)"];
kernel ->> mounts [label="mount is visible"];
fusermount <-- kernel [label="mount(2) returns"];
fuse <<-- fusermount [diagonal, label="exit, receive /dev/fuse fd", leftnote="on Linux, successful exit here\nmeans the mount has happened,\nthough InitRequest might not have yet"];
app <-- fuse [label="Mount returns\nConn.Ready is already closed", rightnote="InitRequest and StatfsRequest\nmay or may not be seen\nbefore Conn.Ready,\ndepending on platform"];
app -> fuse [label="fs.Serve"];
fuse => kernel [label="read /dev/fuse fd", note="starts with InitRequest"];
fuse => app [label="FS/Node/Handle methods"];
fuse => kernel [label="write /dev/fuse fd"];
... repeat ...
... shutting down ...
app -> fuse [label="Unmount"];
fuse -> fusermount [label="fusermount -u"];
fusermount -> kernel;
kernel <<-- mounts;
fusermount <-- kernel;
fuse <<-- fusermount [diagonal];
app <-- fuse [label="Unmount returns"];
// actually triggers before above
fuse <<-- kernel [diagonal, label="/dev/fuse EOF"];
app <-- fuse [label="fs.Serve returns"];
app -> fuse [label="conn.Close"];
fuse -> kernel [label="close /dev/fuse fd"];
fuse <-- kernel;
app <-- fuse;