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package fuse
// There is very little commonality in extended attribute errors
// across platforms.
// getxattr return value for "extended attribute does not exist" is
// ENOATTR on OS X, and ENODATA on Linux and apparently at least
// NetBSD. There may be a #define ENOATTR on Linux too, but the value
// is ENODATA in the actual syscalls. FreeBSD and OpenBSD have no
// ENODATA, only ENOATTR. ENOATTR is not in any of the standards,
// ENODATA exists but is only used for STREAMs.
// Each platform will define it a errNoXattr constant, and this file
// will enforce that it implements the right interfaces and hide the
// implementation.
// ErrNoXattr is a platform-independent error value meaning the
// extended attribute was not found. It can be used to respond to
// GetxattrRequest and such.
const ErrNoXattr = errNoXattr
var _ error = ErrNoXattr
var _ Errno = ErrNoXattr
var _ ErrorNumber = ErrNoXattr
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