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EJS loader for webpack (without frontend dependencies)
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ejs-compiled-loader for webpack

EJS loader for webpack. Uses ejs function to compile templates.

To use EJS by tj use 1.x branch and 1.x.x versions.


npm install ejs-compiled-loader


Documentation: Using loaders

var template = require("ejs-compiled!./file.ejs");
// => returns the template function compiled with ejs templating engine.

// And then use it somewhere in your code
template(data) // Pass object with data

// Child Templates
// path is relative to where webpack is being run
<%- include templates/child -%>


Following options can be specified in query:

beautify — enable or disable uglify-js beautify of template ast

compileDebug — see ejs compileDebug option

htmlmin — see htmlminify section


module: {
  loaders: [
    {test: /\.ejs$/, loader: 'ejs-compiled?htmlmin'} // enable here
'ejs-compiled-loader': {
  'htmlmin': true, // or enable here  
  'htmlminOptions': {
    removeComments: true

See all options reference



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