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About us
Who are we?

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###Bazingalabs makes electronics creation easier! Our main activity is to design open source hardware and software allowing quicker and easier electronics design. In the future we will seed, grow and support the community that will hopefully start developing around us. We will do so by providing online courses in topics such as product design, electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, etc. As well as by providing a place for people to post about their DIY or commercial projects, collaborate and share experiences and information.

###Our mission: easy product design for everyone! We at Bazingalabs believe that the step between having a cool product idea and the creation of a prototype of this product up until now has been way too big. It is our mission to provide people with our development tools and knowledge to have them go from their idea to a product (prototype) as easily and quickly as possible. We basically want to become the "Lego" of electronics product design.

###Meet the guys behind Bazinga Labs The guys behind Bazinga Labs Busy working on STACKY from left to right:

* Arjen: electronics hardware designer.

* Georges: same as Arjen.

* Erik: writes all software; website, embedded and PC/Mac stuff.