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Communicate wirelessly

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The ROGERv3 is a radio module designed to provide you with an easy way of adding wireless functionality to any device in a user friendly manner. All you need to be able to work with the ROGERv3 is a PC or MAC and our Bazingalabs PROGER module. We’ve created libraries for this module to make your life easier. All of the libraries are open source.


  • Available in 433 MHz, 868MHz and 915MHz radio frequency operation modes,
  • The module has the same footprint as Digi’s popular XBEE modules,
  • The module can be used as standalone device, because it incorporates a microcontroller (an ATMEGA328p),
  • Easy configuration,
  • Software defined radio stack (means you can communicate with every radio in the same frequency band by choosing/creating the * correct protocol),
  • Easy to use, even for people without any programming skills: the module can be operated by typing simple commands into * the free GUI software,
  • OpenSource license/philosphy, see: Creative Commons
  • Low power,
  • Bazinga ‘STACKY’ compatible: the ROGERv3 module can be combined with other Bazingalabs modules like motor controllers, processors, sensor boards, battery boards etc Just stack one module on top of one or more other modules and you’re ready to go!