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The ultimate electronics development platform

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The Bazingalabs STACKY stacked electronics concept will enable you to build your electronics project quicker, cheaper and easier than ever before! Build your electronics project in 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose the functionality you need for your project. We'll have the following STACKY boards soon:

    • PROGER: enables you to program any STACKY board using a simple USB connection and will allow you to see what all of the different boards in STACKY are saying to each other LIVE!

    • ROGER: adds wireless functionality to STACKY.

    • BATTYBOY: provides mobile energy to your STACKY. Includes a LiPo battery, integrated charging circuit and battery protection. Need more energy? Just stack more of them badboy BATTYBOYS.

    • CLIVE: need to measure temperature and air humidity? That's what this board'll do for ya.

    • TED (THE MOSFET): TED will help you switch on and off and/or act as a dimmer for high power DC loads, such as: motors, high power LEDs, cars, lawn mowers with a starter engine, airplanes you name it!

    • GEORGES (GORGEOUS GEORGES): power supply board. Hook up any DC voltage source between 0-30V and it'll power the entire STACKY.

    • SUNSPARK: provide solar energy from a solar panel to your STACKY and/or charge the BATTYBOY battery board with solar energy!

    • MITCH (THE SWITCH): MITCH is a SWITCH (relay) which will allow you to switch on and off high power, high voltage (think a couple of 100 volts) sources. Fridges, lamps, computers,

    • BRAINIAL: a processing board. This is where you tell all the other boards in STACKY what you want them to do!

    • RIGGME: want to develop your own board? The RIGGME will make development easy!

  2. Stack them on top of one another

  3. Hook your STACKY up to your PC or Mac's USB-port and program away!

Got idea for other boards or do you want to contribute? EMAIL US!!

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