A set of tools for Python 3 featuring smart autocompletion, quickdocs, goto definition, linting and more.
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brackets-python-tools: Python development with Brackets Downloads Version

A set of tools which will make Brackets your favourite backend IDE.

Please note that this project is still in alpha. Feel free to report an issue or add a pull request!


  • Smart autocompletion
  • Go to definition/assignment
  • Inline Python documentation
  • Linter

Some screenshots

autocompletion Python Autocompletion

linting Linting via Flake8

docs Inline documentation

settings Settings dialog


You can install Python Tools from official Brackets Extension Registry. Additionally, you'll need:

  • Python up and running (Python 3 preferably)
  • flake8 module (optional) for linting and style checking. You may install it via pip:
    ~$ pip install flake8
  • docutils module (optional) for documentation rendering. It can be installed with pip:
    ~$ pip install docutils


This Extension uses Python 3 interpreter in your path by default. You can customize interpreter either in Preferences File or in Python Tools Settings tab.


Settings are accessible through standart brackets settings interface or 'File' menu 🡒 Python Tools Settings.

Currently available settings:

  • pathToPython: String
    Full path to python executable. Default value is python.
  • isCaseSensitive: Boolean
    If code completion should be case sensitive. Default is true.
  • maxLineLength: Number
    Maximum line length in Python files. Default: 79.
  • ignoredErrors: Array
    Array of errors which should be ignored by Python Linter. Default: []


This project is based on the Python Jedi Brackets project.


The source code is licensed MIT. See LICENSE.md for more.