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Abandoned. You should check out instead!

TryClojureScript is a online ClojureScript REPL, based off of TryClojure.

Here is how we intend to do it:

  1. User enters CLJS code in the browser.
  2. The server compiles it to JS and returns that.
  3. The browser evals the JS, producing a JS result.
  4. The JS result is sent to the server for translating to a CLJS literal (or maybe we can do this in CLJS itself on the client?)
  5. The result is displayed as CLJS.


For Linux and Mac users, lein deps, run

Windows users will need to run the ClojureScript Windows setup instructions to place CLJS in resources/private/cljs-compiler. and run the Windows setup instructions.

Eventually a public version will be here or so:


Raynes and apgwoz and so forth for the original site.

BAZNEX group members for the ClojureScript-specific stuff.


Licensed under the same thing Clojure is licensed under: the EPL, of which you can find a copy at the root of this directory.

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