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C Python Other link against libcrypto explicitly

This patch adds OPENSSL_LIBS to LIBADD so that is
always linked against

Reported-By: Alexander Komyagin <>
Signed-off-by: Balazs Scheidler <>
latest commit 198e350545
@bazsi authored
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build []: rules use $(EGREP) instead of grep -E.(EGREP is -E co…
contrib contrib/systemd: Alias the service to syslog.service
debian Copyright fixups
doc doc: Fix EXTRA_DIST
lib link against libcrypto explicitly
m4 Makefiles: check if -Wno-pointer-sign is available as an option for gcc
modules afsocket: handle DNS failures as if it was a connection failure
scl scl: Teach the system() source about systemd
scripts create install directories with mkinstalldirs instead of mkdir -p
syslog-ng syslog-ng/ create $(localstatedir) automatically at insta…
tests Fix compilation without OpenSSL.
tgz2build tgz2build/rules: remove README file
.gitignore .gitignore: replace config.* pattern with more concrete ones
.gitmodules afsql: another reset_parallel_push workaround
COPYING relicense syslog-ng to a combination of GPL/LGPL
ChangeLog use stat instead of seek to determine file size
ChangeLog.0 Readded and updated documentation from 1.6
ChangeLog.1 started new ChangeLog
GPL.txt relicense syslog-ng to a combination of GPL/LGPL
INSTALL make dynamic linking the default
LGPL.txt relicense syslog-ng to a combination of GPL/LGPL add syslog-ng devel package
NEWS preparations for 3.3.5
VERSION preparations for 3.3.5 autogen: detect if git is available manual pages: replace generated manual pages with the XML source added dist.conf and added automatic substitution of some dynamic vari… syslog-ng.pc: Include moduledir in the pkg-config file. [syslog-ng spec] removed some more, unneeded PE related stuff
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