Funcube Dongle Pro Plus server for ghpsdr3-alex
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It is Funcube Dongle Pro Plus server for ghpsdr3-alex implementation on python.

Dependencies is:


  • support for multiple receivers (it's incomplete).

Basic usage:

  • run
  • run dspserver
  • run QtRadio

Usage: [-h] [-s] [-p] [-l] [-m] [-i IF_GAIN] [-o PPM_OFFSET] [-a IPADDR]

optional arguments:

  • -h, --help show this help message and exit
  • -s, --swapiq Swap the I and Q inputs, reversing the spectrum
  • -p, --predsp Offload some processing to an instance of
  • -l, --lna_gain Enable the LNA gain.
  • -m, --mixer_gain Enable the mixer gain.
  • -i IF_GAIN, --if_gain IF_GAIN Specify the IF gain in dB as integer, default 0.
  • -o PPM_OFFSET, --ppm_offset PPM_OFFSET Frequency offset in parts per million, as float i.e. 3.9
  • -a IPADDR, --ipaddr IPADDR The server's IPv4 address to bind to. Default is all addresses, i.e. (alias addresses can be used)

Predsp: If you want to run on embedded hardware (like BeagleBone Black in my case), you probably would want to move all data preprocessing (eg. conversion from ints to floats) to host running dspserver. For that purpouse I wrote small script called Usage:

  • on embedded host run ' -p'
  • on more capable host run '' and 'dspserver --server '
  • run QtRadio or another client and point it to dspserver's address

License: GPLv3