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SNES Tracker

Build Status

SNES Tracker logo

SNES Tracker aims to become a full-featured cross-platform music production software for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), aka the Super Famicom.

Visit the SNES Tracker Youtube for an example of the music that you can make with the latest version.

SNES Tracker early prototype preview

SPC Debugger

SNES Tracker also sports its own SPC debugger. See for more details.

Road Map

Coming soon,


Three flavours of pre-built SNES Tracker binaries are available for you!

  • OLD: simply download from the Releases Page.
  • LATEST: With any purchase from the Gift Shop you'll receive a one-time instant download link to the latest version of SNES Tracker.
  • LATEST+INTERIM: As a thank you to my Patreon Supporters, who help to keep this project going, the latest version of SNES Tracker is available exclusively via Patreon a few weeks before it becomes available on github. Support me and this project by becoming a Patreon Supporter and you will not only receive a download link to the latest stable version each time it is released - you'll also unlock access to the very latest interim builds, experience up-to-the-minute bug fixes, features and improvements weeks before anybody else. Aside from builds access, you can also earn privileged roles in our Discord community, receive generous shop discounts, exclusive behind the scenes updates, and more!

The following downloads are available:

  • Windows 7 (64-bit) and newer
  • MacOS 10.9 and newer
  • Linux users are encouraged to build from source or run the Windows build under WINE until a Linux build is released.

For more information on building SNES Tracker yourself, see

How To

See the Wiki to learn more about how to use and enjoy SNES Tracker from our ever-expanding knowledge base! If you get stuck, join our community (link below) to make helpful, friendly connections.


Feel free to join the new SNES Tracker Discord Server. You may also join via IRC. Server: Channel:#snestracker

The Discord and IRC are bridged by snesbot :)


I hope that you love what I'm doing with SNES Tracker. You see, SNES Tracker is still a program that needs a lot of tender, loving care. If you would like to get more involved, please take a look at my new Patreon and/or make a visit to the Gift Shop to find yourself something you'd appreciate having that also helps keep the project alive!

T-Shirt Preview


Contributions from the community are valid and welcome! For those curious about getting involved, have a look at Good First Issues. If you see an issue that appeals to you, post a comment demonstrating your interest. You are also encouraged to join the Discord or IRC. Be interactive! Together we will learn, grow, and make snestracker the best it can be.

By contributing, you acknowledge you have read and agreed to the Fine Print


Youtube Subscribe and hit that notification bell for exclusive SNES Tracker songs, insight and out-of-this-world SNES-related fun.

Gift Shop Browse for fun SNES Tracker products! Support the project, in style, with branded goodies such as mugs and tshirts! Show the world your SNES obsession!

Soundcloud Listen to official tunes and remixes.

Wiki Learn more about how to use and enjoy SNES Tracker from our ever-expanding knowledge base.

Twitter Be first to get instant news and musings on upcoming features and new software releases.

By Bazz

Developed by Bazz,

Special thanks to Blargg & Raph.

Shoutout to byuu, Neviksti, mukunda (eKid), Oli (Vilxdryad), RowanDDR, and the snesdev community!