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Very Simple CRUD Using Ember.js

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Very Simple CRUD Using Ember.js

This application is just a personal exercise to get familiar with ember.js and it's based on the Ember Application Structure guide on the ember.js site.

The application shows a table of Post objects which you can edit and show. It's also possible to create new Post objects. Every Post contain 0 or more Comments and Backtracks which are visible on the show page to play with ember's nested routes.

The application uses a Rails 3.2.x back-end and contains a generator to get you up and running.

I'm using Ember Data to retrieve data from the server.

Getting Started

  1. Clone this repo

    git clone very_simple_crud

  2. Navigate to the application directory

    cd very_simple_crud

  3. Install the gems

    bundle install

  4. Create the (SQLite) database

    rake db:create

  5. Run the migrations

    rake db:migrate

  6. Populate the database

    rake db:seed

  7. Start the server

    rails s

  8. Open a browser and navigate to http://localhost:3000

More info

Location of JS files

Although the application uses the ember-rails gem, it only uses it for pre-compiling the handlebars templates. The required JS files for ember and ember data are built manually and located in vendor/assets/javascript. Application logic is located in app/assets/javascripts (this is the suggested location according to Rails' assets pipeline).

What's included

  • ember.js router and some nested routes
  • transaction usage (commit and rollback)

What's not included

  • Tests (it's only a prototype :))
  • Client side validation
  • Flash notification
  • ...
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