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Update deploy.rb

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1 parent 1a18a04 commit a372349f011174cc33dd668bb72e078b359916cf @maji-mobile maji-mobile committed
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8 config/deploy.rb
@@ -1,15 +1,15 @@
# RVM bootstrap
-$:.unshift(File.expand_path('./lib', ENV['rvm_path']))
-require 'rvm/capistrano'
+set :rvm_ruby_string, '1.9.2-p136@guaranteed'
+# $:.unshift(File.expand_path('./lib', ENV['rvm_path']))
+require 'rvm-capistrano'
# When using whenever gem:
# set :whenever_command, "bundle exec whenever"
# require 'whenever/capistrano'
# To avoid ArgumentError: invalid byte sequence in US-ASCII during deployment:
-set :bundle_cmd, "LANG='en_US.UTF-8' LC_ALL='en_US.UTF-8' bundle"
+# set :bundle_cmd, "LANG='en_US.UTF-8' LC_ALL='en_US.UTF-8' bundle"
-set :rvm_ruby_string, '1.9.2-p136@guaranteed'
set :rvm_type, :user
# bundler bootstrap

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