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@juliomrqz juliomrqz released this Jun 13, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • core: fix displaying the date of incidents when using the cli #184 (#208) (6e7d26e)
  • core, website: return postcss plugins as an object (5c33b84)
  • docs: fix heading of the page "Guide/PWA" (#219) (eb436af)
  • docs: fix the dimension of the images (83b6705)
  • docs: fix the Firebase SSR reference in the deploy section (2cedb4f)
  • package: update @nuxtjs/sitemap to version 1.0.0 (#183) (75db9c3)
  • package: update intersection-observer to version 0.6.0 (#186) (6e9b3f0)
  • package: update semver to version 6.0.0 (38fdf8a)
  • website: fix the reponsive images placeholder values (d38eb7f)


  • core: add Italian translation (#179) (e5a80c4) (thanks to jeckodevelopment)
  • use docker multi-stage build (#193) (2b12153)
  • core: support web-push notifications with OneSignal (2adff5e)
  • core, website: upgrade workbox to v4.x (6952de3)
  • docs: create the onsignal section (cc648a0)
  • docs: support sitemap generation and improve SEO (c31c107)

  • For more information on this update, read our blog post.
  • You can join the conversation on Spectrum.
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