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It is forbidden to:

  • collect interests/dividend
  • build, sell or buy weapons
  • breach or disrespect personal privacy

You have to:

You should be able to deal and agree or accept:


  • information and knowledge have to be free for all
  • we are all light and love
  • do not be jealousy against others

Code Related

  • add a unique image for your account (no real picture needed)
  • a history is always needed for each project when an initial release is done, the date format is yyyy-mm-dd
  • a tag description has to follow the following rules, two words, both starting with the same character
  • version 1.0.0 can only be released if the main part of the code is covered with unit tests
  • branches are only needed, if a complicated feature is implemented (taking more than three days)
  • license
    • use at least the LGPL-V3 for components or modules
    • use at least the GPL-V3 for stand alone applications

Rules, Patterns and Core Concepts

Based on: