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bbDKP is a Guild manager and DKP Mod for phpBB 3.1
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bbGuild is a MMO Guild manager for your phpBB3 Bulletin board. It was originally forked from EQDKP to phpBB in 2008.

The 2.0 version is rebuild on the Symfony 2 framework to be compatible with phpBB 3.1. The name is changed from bbDKP to reflect that dkp functions are now removed from the core and will return as an addon extension.

Build Status experimental

Features :

  • MMO Game and Guild management facilities;
  • Clean report screens,
  • ACP and UCP modules.
  • Games supported :
    • World of Warcraft, the Lord of the Rings Online, Dark Age of Camelot, Vanguard, EverQuest I/II, Warhammer Online, Final Fantasy XI, AION, Rift, SW:Tor, Lineage 2, TERA, FFXIV and Custom Game.
  • Languages supported : English, French, German, Italian.
  • Robust admin features, no Installation headaches, just copy into ext folder and enable the extension.

There will be a number of extensions that enhance bbGuild

  • bbDKP manager, with different loot systems, and raid tracking.
  • bbRaidtracker Wow Lua plugin and extension
  • bbGameWorld Raid progress extension
  • bbRaidCalendar extension.

Further development requests, support questions are welcome at our Support Forum or in the extension development topic



This code is not ready for testing yet...



  1. phpbb > 3.1.*
  2. ftp and acp access to your phpbb forum.


  1. Download the latest release.
  2. In the ext directory of your phpBB board, create a new directory named bbdkp (if it does not already exist).
  3. Copy the bbguild folder to /ext/bbdkp/ (if done correctly, you'll have the main extension class at (your forum root)/ext/bbdkp/bbguild/composer.json).
  4. Navigate in the ACP to Customise -> Manage extensions.
  5. Look for bbGuild Extension under the Disabled Extensions list, and click its Enable link.


  1. Navigate in the ACP to Customise -> Extension Management -> Extensions.
  2. Look for bbGuild Extension under the Enabled Extensions list, and click its Disable link.
  3. To permanently uninstall, click Delete Data and then delete the /ext/bbdkp/bbguild folder.


Find support and more on


2.0.0a1 - not released

  • [NEW] Conversion to extension
  • [CHG] Functionality reductions : DKP no longer part of core.


You can see all the awesome people contributing to this project here.

  1. [Create a ticket (unless there already is one)] :
  2. Read our Git Contribution Guidelines; if you're new to git, also read Git Primer
  3. Make a pull request.


GNU General Public License v2

This application is opensource software released under the GPL. Please see source code and the docs directory for more details. Powered by bbDkp (c) 2009 The bbDkp Project Team bbDkp If you use this software and find it to be useful, we ask that you retain the copyright notice below. While not required for free use, it will help build interest in the bbDkp project and is required for obtaining support. bbDKP (c) 2016 Sajaki
bbDKP (c) 2014 Sajaki, Killerpommes, frederikkunze, Cecilius bbDKP (c) 2011 Sajaki, Blazeflack bbDKP (c) 2008, 2009 Sajaki, Malfate, Kapli, Hroar bbDKP (c) 2007 Ippeh, Teksonic, Monkeytech, DWKN EQDkp (c) 2003 The EqDkp Project Team

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