A Python Script to monitor Wait events in an Oracle database
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A script that checks and reports wait events in an Oracle Database by using the delta values in DBA_HIST_SYSTEM_EVENT, or dba_hist_sys_time_model

Usage: WaitCheck.py [options]

Options: -h, --help show this help message and exit -w WARN, --warning default=60 set warning threshold percent (0..100) -c CRIT, --critical default=90 set critical threshold percent (0..100) -e EVENT, --event=EVENT name of wait event to monitor -i INST, --instance=INST name of the instance to monitor

Assumptions, checks wait event name need to be specified as parameter, if not, return with UNKNOWN Critical_limit alsways needs to be higher than warning_limit, if not, return with UNKNOWN all command line parameters are case insensitive if the wait event is not found in DBA_HIST_SYSTEM_EVENT, check dba_hist_sys_time_model, if not found, return with UNKNOWN