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If you want to contribute to the development of Jorani, here is a list of things to be implemented. I tried to sort them out by priority and to explicitly explain what is out of scope.

v0.6.6 or later

  • Maybe: Cannot force LR status from 2 to 1 for regular user.
  • Forbid negative duration in leave requests (Option).
  • Maybe: remove all references to JQueryUI (datepicker).
  • Maybe: Migrate Fontawesome to material design icons set (in preparation of BS4).
  • Technical update of FullCalendar (beware of LTR bug: fullcalendar/fullcalendar#2516).
  • ICS feeds should use a random hash when publicly exposed.
  • Dynamic form for user properties (Jorani to become a SAML2 IdP). For superadmin only.
  • Dynamic form for user parameters. For superadmin only.
  • Dynamic form for parameters. For superadmin only.
  • Get rid of JQuery UI (mostly used by calendars).
  • Change the system for compensate balance. Give a regular entitlement (start/end dates depend on contract).
  • Remove duplicated string defs (moved into global): users_create_popup_manager_button_ok
  • i18n: Last 3 columns in Reports/Leaves.
  • Maybe: Filter Excel export on visible rows (lot of security backend).
  • Maybe: user/index Ajaxload.
  • Maybe: Compute automatically: length of multiple leave requests.
  • Maybe: series of leave requests (Employees / Multiple edit); take into account days off. and...
  • Add SMTPSecure, SMTPAutoTLS, and SMTPAuth email params. See
  • Fix missing closing DIV (Firefox).
  • Implement OAuth scopes in API.
  • Replace header() by set_header()
  • Replace set_header("HTTP/1.1 422...) by set_status_header()
  • Replace echo() by set_output()
  • Report carried-over leaves wizard : select an entity (change date), opt-in/out employees, check suggested report and go.
  • Mass apply entitled days to a group of employees. (organisation) - (employees in entity) <-> select.
  • Complete PHP triggers (add fruux lib to put CalDAV -> no : incomplete library).
  • Simplify Overtime entitlments.
  • Possible DB optimization on leave table ALTER TABLE leaves ADD INDEX(startdate); ALTER TABLE leaves ADD INDEX(enddate);.
  • Possibility to sort the leave types. NEEDS DB PATCH (maybe). Cookie or DB ? Entity scope ?
  • Possibility to optionally exclude leave types to a contract. NEEDS DB PATCH (maybe). Impact leave request, should impact a dynamic build of leave balance report. What about type 0?
  • Possibility to optionally sort the leave types (contract-level, types not excluded).
  • Notification by e-mail : Request deleted / modified (maybe or report v0.5.0). We should maybe have basic objects to pass...
  • Better LDAP integration with an explorer and better/simpler binding method.


  • Add a table to log the execution of services using the API (eg cron tasks) + a sample page in local to display them.
  • Maybe: edit/import/export settings from WebUI.
  • Maybe: user/group permission.
  • Maybe: configuration from DB.


  • Export to Excel: export only the visible rows (POST with the list of Ids). Look into HR/Employees to see how to build the list.
  • Provide examples of REST clients (seniority leaves, carry over, LDAP sync...) in PHP (cron) or go (service).
  • PHP scripts of migration from OrangeHRM, PHP_Conges, LiberTempo, etc.
  • More OAuth2 or SAML identity providers (Investigation for a CAS/SSO integration).
  • Option/Config: kind of multi-tenancy filter on entity and its children the calendars (then calendar/global should be hidden).
  • Color set/stripes for color blind people, eg. :

Code sample:

    /*Status for color-blind people*/
    .rejected-color-blind {
        /*background-color: #ff0000;*/
        background-image: linear-gradient(90deg, transparent 50%, rgba(255,255,255,.5) 50%);
        background-size: 10px 10px;

Not a priority

  • Supporting docs (upload attachments into database).
  • Implement a kind of heritage in HR/organization for supervisors (child entities). See PR, it looks to be done already
  • HR officers of a part of the organization (defined in HR/organization), for future functions when they'll be CCed. and/or ...
  • ... Multitenancy (add global filter / Additionnal field on all tables). Allow access to the same instance for multiple tenants.
  • Add a field explaining why a request is rejected. Validation E-mail will redirect to a form is this option is activated ?
  • Anticipated leaves (entitled days of next yearly period). Today we can deal with it manually because LMS doesn't forbid to request a leave even if your credit is negative and because leave balance reports can be executed with a past/future date.
  • Setup assistant (with links to requirements, testldap and testmail scripts).
  • Mass importer of users (from CSV, LDAP ?). From GUI or a side tool using the REST API ?
  • Alternative overtime module. It will be separated from the LMS, accepted extra time will not be added as a compensate entitled days but compensation will have its own wkf.

Post v1.0

  • Switch to package.json for JS dependencies
  • Migrate to latest google analytics javascript (in templates/header.php)
  • Upgrade JS libs (bootboxjs)
  • Migrate to latest fullcalendar

Might not be implemented

  • Requests are validated by two users (multi level validation).
  • Different colors for each leave type. Requesters often don't know that you can get the list of leaves elsewhere.
  • PDF Export (no serious OSS PDF lib dealing correctly with Unicode / Modern browsers can print as PDF).



Migration of fullcalendar requires the application of this patch fullcalendar/fullcalendar#2516 while the issue is not solved.


We noticed an incompatibility between Jquery 2 and datatable that must be investigated prior any migration.