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If you want to contribute to the development of Jorani, here is a list of things to be implemented. I tried to sort them out by priority and to explicitly explain what is out of scope.

Dependencies to watch

v0.6.6 or later

  • Compatibility with PHP7.2.
  • Migrate to select2 (selectize is no longer active).
  • Migrate to PhpSpreadSheet (PHPExcel is no longer active).
  • Remove all glyphicons and use Material Design Icons instead.
  • Migrate to JavaScript Cookie (removes JQuery dependencies).
  • Maybe: Cannot force LR status from 2 to 1 for regular user.
  • Forbid negative duration in leave requests (Option).
  • Maybe: remove all references to JQueryUI (datepicker).
  • Maybe: Migrate Fontawesome to material design icons set (in preparation of BS4).

v0.7.0 or later

Following naming convention, this version will need a DB patch.

  • Technical update of FullCalendar (beware of LTR bug:
  • ICS feeds should use a random hash when publicly exposed.
  • Dynamic form for user properties (Jorani to become a SAML2 IdP). For superadmin only.
  • Dynamic form for user parameters. For superadmin only.
  • Dynamic form for parameters. For superadmin only.
  • Get rid of JQuery UI (mostly used by calendars).
  • Change the system for compensate balance. Give a regular entitlement (start/end dates depend on contract).
  • Remove duplicated string defs (moved into global): users_create_popup_manager_button_ok
  • i18n: Last 3 columns in Reports/Leaves.
  • Maybe: Filter Excel export on visible rows (lot of security backend).
  • Maybe: user/index Ajaxload.
  • Maybe: Compute automatically: length of multiple leave requests.
  • Maybe: series of leave requests (Employees / Multiple edit); take into account days off. and...
  • Add SMTPSecure, SMTPAutoTLS, and SMTPAuth email params. See
  • Fix missing closing DIV (Firefox).
  • Implement OAuth scopes in API. Maybe:
  • Add a table to log the execution of services using the API (eg cron tasks) + a sample page in local to display them.
  • Maybe: edit/import/export settings from WebUI.
  • Maybe: user/group permission.
  • Maybe: configuration from DB.
  • Replace header() by set_header()
  • Replace set_header("HTTP/1.1 422...) by set_status_header()
  • Replace echo() by set_output()

v0.8.0 or later

Following naming convention, this version will need a DB patch.

  • Report carried-over leaves wizard : select an entity (change date), opt-in/out employees, check suggested report and go.
  • Mass apply entitled days to a group of employees. (organisation) - (employees in entity) <-> select.
  • Complete PHP triggers (add fruux lib to put CalDAV -> no : incomplete library).
  • Simplify Overtime entitlments.
  • Possible DB optimization on leave table ALTER TABLE leaves ADD INDEX(startdate); ALTER TABLE leaves ADD INDEX(enddate);.
  • Possibility to sort the leave types. NEEDS DB PATCH (maybe). Cookie or DB ? Entity scope ?
  • Possibility to optionally exclude leave types to a contract. NEEDS DB PATCH (maybe). Impact leave request, should impact a dynamic build of leave balance report. What about type 0?
  • Possibility to optionally sort the leave types (contract-level, types not excluded).
  • Notification by e-mail : Request deleted / modified (maybe or report v0.5.0). We should maybe have basic objects to pass...
  • Better LDAP integration with an explorer and better/simpler binding method.


  • Export to Excel: export only the visible rows (POST with the list of Ids). Look into HR/Employees to see how to build the list.
  • Provide examples of REST clients (seniority leaves, carry over, LDAP sync...) in PHP (cron) or go (service).
  • PHP scripts of migration from OrangeHRM, PHP_Conges, LiberTempo, etc.
  • More OAuth2 or SAML identity providers (Investigation for a CAS/SSO integration).
  • Option/Config: kind of multi-tenancy filter on entity and its children the calendars (then calendar/global should be hidden).
  • Color set/stripes for color blind people, eg. :

Code sample:

    /*Status for color-blind people*/
    .rejected-color-blind {
        /*background-color: #ff0000;*/
        background-image: linear-gradient(90deg, transparent 50%, rgba(255,255,255,.5) 50%);
        background-size: 10px 10px;

Not a priority

  • Supporting docs (upload attachments into local folder).
  • Implement a kind of heritage in HR/organization for supervisors (child entities).
  • HR officers of a part of the organization (defined in HR/organization), for future functions when they'll be CCed. and/or ...
  • ... Multitenancy (add global filter / Additionnal field on all tables). Allow access to the same instance for multiple tenants.
  • Add a field explaining why a request is rejected. Validation E-mail will redirect to a form is this option is activated ?
  • Anticipated leaves (entitled days of next yearly period). Today we can deal with it manually because LMS doesn't forbid to request a leave even if your credit is negative and because leave balance reports can be executed with a past/future date.
  • Setup assistant (with links to requirements, testldap and testmail scripts).
  • Mass importer of users (from CSV, LDAP ?). From GUI or a side tool using the REST API ?
  • Alternative overtime module. It will be separated from the LMS, accepted extra time will not be added as a compensate entitled days but compensation will have its own wkf.

Post v1.0

  • Mobile-optimized views (limited to few pages : simple user and validation).
  • Simplified time tracking. Not sure because Jorani is specialized in LMS. Maybe a side project ?

Might not be implemented

  • Requests are validated by two users (too complicated for targeted users).
  • Different colors for each leave type. Requesters often don't know that you can get the list of leaves elsewhere.
  • PDF Export (no serious OSS PDF lib dealing correctly with Unicode / Modern browsers can print as PDF).
  • Migration to CI 3.0.0 (we don't rely too much on the library, so it has no interrest and it is slower than v2).



Migration of fullcalendar requires the application of this patch while the issue is not solved.


We noticed an incompatibility between Jquery 2 and datatable that must be investigated prior any migration.

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