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@bbalet bbalet released this Oct 11, 2020 · 15 commits to master since this release

Please download the file (as the other files require an extra step for setup)

  • Compatible with PHP7.4 (looks compatible with PHP8+)
  • The engine to compute the leave balance has been revamped:
    • No more problem using the compensate system type.
    • Overtime entitlements have no longer a one year limit.
  • The HTTP API is now documented using OpenAPI (Swagger).
  • New Swagger client to test out the REST API: (you can test it with testclient/testclient credentials)
  • Update dependencies so as to fix security warnings.
  • In admin/diagnostic, Jorani checks if your are running the latest version.
  • Support of slovakian language.
  • Support of romanian language.
  • ICS Feeds are now protected by a hash key :
    set $config['legacy_feeds'] = TRUE; if you want to support unsecured feeds
    Otherwise users need to update the feed'URL in their favorite calendar application

Migration note:

  • Please back up your database
  • Apply patch sql/patch_to_1.0.0.sql
  • Please note that this db patch is not cumulative.

Known issues:
You might encounter an error with the new version of GetFamilyTree procedure while patching the database. Please apply this patch: sql/GetFamilyTree_mysql5.6.sql

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