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#!/usr/bin/env python
Created on Mar 15, 2010
@author: bballantine
import sys, os, re
import Image, ImageDraw, ImageFont
import __init__ as common
def write_images(ftable, dir, size, num_cams, fontpath, startframe=0):
Get images in ftable and write to dir.
ftable -- table of frameImages in form [[fi, fi, ..], [fi, fi, ..], ..]
where fi is a common.FrameImage object and
the inner lists are the the length of the number of cameras and
ftable's length is the number of frames
dir -- Where to store the composite images
size -- WxH size of images
num_cams -- Number of cameras used
fontpath -- Path to a font to use to write image name to composite
startframe -- Index of frame to start with, defaults to 0
# after pasting images into container
# we will cut everything in half
horiz_padding = 20
vert_padding = 50
row_size = 3
# calculate
width,height = map(int, size.split('x'))
num_rows = num_cams / row_size
if (num_cams % row_size > 0): num_rows += 1
width = width + horiz_padding
height = height + vert_padding
# calculate container width (don't want horiz-padding on far right)
container_width = (row_size * width) - horiz_padding
container_height = num_rows * height
# load the font for later use
font = get_font(fontpath)
# now go through each row in frame table, creating composite
n = 0 # count of composite frames
for frame in ftable:
frame_imgs = []
if (n < startframe):
# create ImageS out of them and store in frame_imgs
for frame_image in frame:
except IOError:
# create the container based on frame imgs mode
container_img =
frame_imgs[0].mode, (container_width, container_height))
# now paste the frame images into the container
r = c = 0
for img in frame_imgs:
if (c == row_size):
r += 1
c = 0
#lil hack
if (r == 1 and c == 1):
container_img.paste(img, (c * width, r * height))
except IOError:
sys.stdout.write("little trouble, moving on-")
c += 1, "img_%0.5d.jpg") % n)
# almost there. now cut size in half to make it previewable
container_img = container_img.resize((container_width/2, container_height/2))
# finally, write the file name under each of the images
# so we can easily find the images we care about
# we do this after the resize so as not to distort the text
draw = ImageDraw.Draw(container_img)
w = width / 2
h = height / 2
r = c = 0
for frame_image in frame:
if (c == row_size):
r += 1
c = 0
text = "/".join(frame_image.filename().split("/")[-2:])
#lil hack
if (r == 1 and c == 1):
draw.text(((c * w), (r * h) + h - (vert_padding/2)), text, font=font, fill="pink")
# fyew! write it out, "img_%0.5d.jpg") % n)
sys.stdout.write(str(n) + "-")
def get_font(fontpath):
"""Helper to find and return specified or default ImageFont."""
if (fontpath):
print "Found Font!"
return ImageFont.truetype(fontpath, 14)
return ImageFont.load_default()
def order_for_composite(cams):
Order cameras for rendering, returns list.
Order: NW, N, NE, W, E, SE, S, SW
return list(cams[c] for c in\
['NW', 'N', 'NE', 'W', 'E', 'SE', 'S', 'SW'])
def get_more_opts(parser):
""" Gets options specific to this module """
parser.add_option("-S", "--size", default="960x720")
parser.add_option("-F", "--font",
help="Path to a font to use")
parser.add_option("-N", "--start_frame_n",
help="start generating at frame N",
type="int", default=0)
sizere = re.compile(r'^([0-9]{2,4})x([0-9]{2,4})$')
if not sizere.match( opts.size ):
parser.error("Invalid format for size. Use WIDTHxHEIGHT" )
return opts,args
if __name__ == '__main__':
Create a series of composite image frames.
- simplest example on how to call:
./ -b ~/work/darpa/data/finaltest01/out/ -F FreeMonoBold.ttf -d ~/tmp/finalout01
parser = common.get_opts()
opts, args = get_more_opts(parser)
cams = order_for_composite(common.CAMS)
ftable = common.create_frametable(opts.base, cams,
opts.start_file, opts.image_count)
write_images(ftable, opts.dest, opts.size,
len(cams), opts.font, opts.start_frame_n)
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