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Extending beaker (cache & session module) to use No SQL backend. NOTE: I do not actively maintain this fork.
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== Usage ==

Install directly from git using PIP:

    pip install git+git://

Now you can use the couchdb, redis, tyrant, riak, dynomite, and ringo extensions.

beaker.session.type = tyrant
beaker.session.url =

Thanks to Jack Hsu for providing the tokyo example:

== Information for CouchDB backend =============================================

beaker.session.type = couchdb
beaker.session.url = localhost:5984
beaker.session.database = project_session_dbname

    The CouchDB backend is modified from the backend. Included test
script is modified from in beaker library. To run the test,
CouchDB must be at localhost:5984 and in admin party mode. Test script will
attempt to create a database named 'beaker_extension_test'.
    Documents of sessions have keys similar to 'beaker:sha-hash:session', and
'type' fields set to 'beaker.session'.
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