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import logging
from beaker.exceptions import InvalidCacheBackendError
from beaker_extensions.nosql import Container
from beaker_extensions.nosql import NoSqlManager
from beaker_extensions.nosql import pickle
from redis import Redis
except ImportError:
raise InvalidCacheBackendError("Redis cache backend requires the 'redis' library")
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class RedisManager(NoSqlManager):
def __init__(self, namespace, url=None, data_dir=None, lock_dir=None, **params):
self.connection_pool = params.pop('connection_pool', None)
NoSqlManager.__init__(self, namespace, url=url, data_dir=data_dir, lock_dir=lock_dir, **params)
def open_connection(self, host, port, **params):
self.db_conn = Redis(host=host, port=int(port), connection_pool=self.connection_pool, **params)
def __contains__(self, key):
log.debug('%s contained in redis cache (as %s) : %s'%(key, self._format_key(key), self.db_conn.exists(self._format_key(key))))
return self.db_conn.exists(self._format_key(key))
def set_value(self, key, value):
key = self._format_key(key)
self.db_conn.set(key, pickle.dumps(value))
def __delitem__(self, key):
key = self._format_key(key)
def _format_key(self, key):
return 'beaker:%s:%s' % (self.namespace, key.replace(' ', '\302\267'))
def do_remove(self):
def keys(self):
raise self.db_conn.keys('beaker:%s:*' % self.namespace)
class RedisContainer(Container):
namespace_manager = RedisManager
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